Chainsaws for the Professional Joe's

If you guys are looking for a Professional Series chainsaw, then I am going to assume that you already know what you’re looking for. So, this article is going to be a little different from the other two User Articles. If you really need a machine to cut up wood on a frequent basis for hours at a time, then you should know the ins and outs of said machine. If not, and you’re just getting into the business, then let me know and I can write something up just for you. Breaking Pro-Level down Barney style. It’ll be a blast, you’ll love it.

Getting back on track. This article is going to take a look at the Pro-Level Series Stihl chainsaws that we have at Farm Services in Downtown Graham. So, we’re going to be looking at the MS261C, MS271 Farm Boss, MS291, MS311, MS362C, MS441C, MS462C, MS661C. On Stihl’s scale, we’re going to go up according to their scale of use frequency. We’re going to go through some of the specs and unique features attributed to the specific models. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about a specific chainsaw or feature, our technicians and salesmen at Farm Services are more than qualified and knowledgeable enough to answer them.

Now for the meat and potatoes.


· Displacement: 3.06 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 4.0 BHP

· Weight: 10.8 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 16.9 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: .325” RM3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 20”

One of the really cool features is the Stihl M-Tronic, which is a microprocessor that controls the engine management system and fine-tunes the engine to perform at its optimum no matter the environment and condition of the chainsaw. Pair this with the IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor, which automatically adjusts the fuel/air ratio to maintain RPMs when the air filter becomes clogged, you will always have a fine-tuned machine working at its peak.

MS271 Farm Boss

· Displacement: 3.02 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 3.49 BHP

· Weight: 12.3 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 16.9 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: .325” RM3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 20”

Considered a Farm and Ranch Chainsaw, Stihl has really geared this model towards you Farmers out there. They described it as “Powerful, fuel efficient chainsaw with reduced-emission engine technology that’s built tough for felling, firewood cutting and storm cleanup tasks” which sums it up fairly well. Between 20% increased fuel consumption, 50% lower emissions (as compared to the MS270), and its compact/ergonomic design, this Boss fits right at home on the Farm.


· Displacement: 3.39 cu. In.

· Engine Power 3.79 BHP

· Weight: 12.3 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 16.9 oz

· OILOMATIC: .325” RM3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 20”

Stihl has been really pushing for increased fuel-efficiency. With this model they increased the time between refueling by 20%. On top of that, they threw on their Advanced Anti-Vibration system so you can stay out and keep on cutting for a whole lot longer.


· Displacement: 3.6 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 4.2 BHP

· Weight: 13.67 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: 3/8” RS3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 20”

This model has a new air-filter and anti-vibration system helps the machine and you last longer, so you can get the job done. Here’s where you can also start to see how the BHP really starts to ramp up as these models are the serious Pro Models.


· Displacement: 3.6 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 4.69 BHP

· Weight: 12.3 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: 3/8” RS3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 25”

Stihls says that this model is the optimum combination of weight, power, and torque. Between the added length to the Guide Bar, the lighter weight, and added power to the engine, you’ll be able to start cut down some THICK trees. On top of that, they have that Stihl M-Tronic thrown in as well, keeping your equipment at its peak. Stihl has you covered.


· Displacement: 4.3 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 5.6 BHP

· Weight: 14.6 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 24.5 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: 3/8” RS3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 32”

These last few models all have the M-Tronic System, which is a must have for any Professional that uses chainsaws of this caliber. One of the optional features, that’s an added benefit to the Pros, is the Wrap-Handle Version. This alternative handle allows for multiple positions for cutting both with the right hand and the rear handle, so you can get into those tricky spots.


· Displacement: 4.41 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 6.0 BHP

· Weight: 13.0 lbs. / 13.9 lbs. (Wrap-Handle)

· Fuel Capacity: 24.35 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: 3/8” RS3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 28”

What’s important about the MS462C is that it is to replace the MS441 and MS461 models. This model also has the Wrap-Handle Version like the MS441C and the Stihl M-Tronic System, but additionally have the HD2 Air Filter and E-Matic Oil Flow System. The HD2 Filter offers longer run times, while the E-Matic System increases the oil flow adjustment range.


· Displacement: 5.56 cu. In.

· Engine Power: 7.2 BHP

· Weight: 16.3 lbs. / 16.8 lbs.

· Fuel Capacity: 27.9 oz

· OILOMATIC Chain: 3/8” RS3

· Guide Bar Length: 16” to 32”

Here is our MOAB of all chainsaws, the biggest girl we have, the first-place winner of our strongman competition, you get the point. This saw is for some serious cutting. While it is only the second biggest Stihl has to offer, unless you’re cutting down Red Oaks in California, the MS661C will be able to handle the job. Throw in some unique features like the ElastoStart starter handle, long-term filter system, and rigid AV system you have a big ol’ saw with some beneficial tech. The ElastoStart adds shock absorbers to help keep your arm in the game. The long-term filters use an HD filter element needed to keep this baby out in the woods. And the AV System keeps the machine stiff but still keeps the vibrations down.

I’ve said this a couple times in the other articles, but we know that there are a wide range of needs when it comes to chainsaws. This fact is amplified when it comes to the Pro-World. Some Pro-Joe’s are going to need the MOAB MS661C, while Co-worker John, who spend the whole day in the Port-a-John, will only need something like the MS261C. Regardless, whatever job you need to get done, Stihl has got your back and so do we over at Farm Services.

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